Best Indoor Basketball to Buy – 2021 Review and Buying Guide

Here we have the best indoor basketball 2020 that has high-performance, is of rubber and composite leather, and has cushion control technology. Similarly, these balls have a premium grip, proper inflation level, FIBA approved, and much more.

Our team has shortlisted some of the best indoor basketballs. But every basketball is unique from the other. You should use indoor balls for indoor play only, such as on hardwood courts. However, if you use them on outdoor surfaces, it will wear out quickly. As the indoor balls are softer and similar to leather, that makes them joyful, but they don’t hold well against rougher courts such as a street.

We have shortlisted eight best indoor basketballs to help you pick the best ball for indoor play. Also, we will brief you about the important factors of basketball in our buying guide. Before diving into the top picks, just gloss over some specifications you need to be aware of when buying an indoor basketball.

Wilson evolution

Wilson Evolution

  • Signature evolution feel
  • Proper inflation level
  • Ultimate control


Spalding TF 1000 Classic

Spalding TF 1000 Classic

  • Shipped inflated
  • Built for performance
  • Superior grip


Molten X-Series GG7X

Molten X-Series GG7X

  • Fiba approved
  • Premium composite leather
  • Indoor use + 2-year warranty


Top 8 Picks of Best Indoor Basketball

Wilson evolution game basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Spalding of 1000 classic indoor basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wilson ncca replica game basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Spalding precision indoor game basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Molten x-series gg7x⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Baden elite indoor basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The indoor rock basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Spalding nba official game basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Wilson Evolution

This ball of evolution has three different sizes. The official, the original size is 29.5 inches. This size is suitable for the males who are 15, and above 15. Moreover, the second size is 28.5 inches, and it is suitable for boys of 12 to 14 age and girls of 12 and above.

Furthermore, this ball has an amazingly soft feel due to the patented technology. Also, it has cushion core carcass, to make the ball smooth and more comfortable to grip around the rim.

However, Wilson has the outer layer of microfiber cover, and it is durable enough in all seasons. So if you decide to use the ball outside it will be reliable too. Plus, Wilson balls strike a balance between grip and softer feel. It is durable, and reasonable in price as well.

No doubt, you will never be disappointed by micro-pebble fiber that makes a difference in gripping the basketball. Even when your hands are sweaty, you will not blame your fingers for a turnover.

Furthermore, the quality of the Wilson basketball is excellent in fifty dollars only. Wilson is a genuine leather basketball, and it will never wear out or show any sign of deflation.

Lastly, you don’t need to go out of the box, because Wilson evolution game basketball comes inflated. It is the best indoor youth basketball.

  • Perfect for high school
  • Genuine leather
  • Durable and affordable


  • No cons as such

Spalding TF 1000 Classic Indoor Basketball

Spalding TF 1000 Classic

Spalding is one of the famous companies in indoor and outdoor basketball. But this ball has a size seven that is 29.5 inches, which makes it suitable for men age 15 and above. Moreover, this ball is favorite for many people in the U.S due to its high-quality. This new ball has a softer feel, and it is quite rubbery compared to the older models.

Furthermore, it has a good bounce. So you don’t need to pump the ball every time before use. Also, it has a soft feel that will not reduce over time. Besides that, it is extremely durable. But the drawback of this ball is that it tends to wear down fastly. This new indoor basketball is of improved design, and it has the right to impact durability.

On the other hand, this ball is a mixture of a vintage feel and a modern style. And it is one of the modern classic basketball of Spalding. This ball is greatest of all time. Spalding TF-1000 classic is a good basketball according to its dribbling. Although, when the gloss will get off, it becomes a very sticky ball.

Lastly, it is a nice indoor basketball and has a long-lasting impact.

  • Modern and classic ball
  • The material of the ball feels like a rubber
  • It needs a pump often

Wilson NCCA Replica Game Basketball

Wilson ncca replica

Wilson NCCA replica game basketball comes in two different sizes, and the first one is 29.5 inches. Size 7 is ideal for men of 15 age and above. Although the other size is 28.5 inches, which is perfect for women of 12 age, and above, plus, it is for the boys aged 12 to 14. It is the best indoor and outdoor basketball.

So, if you are looking for a ball that has a leather feel, then this may not be perfect for you. But it has composite leather coverage better than other composite balls.

Furthermore, it has a real leather soft feel, compared to other professional-quality basketballs on the market. This ball features rimming, passing, and dribbling in a consistent patented technology.

Besides that, Wilson is a unique basketball, which is resilient enough to use indoors and outdoors. But if you use it indoors, Wilson will last-longer. Also, this ball is moisture absorbent, and it won’t slip from your sweaty hands. The composite ball is going to become slick over time. Besides that, we recommend Wilson for pick-up games and home practices.


Additionally, this basketball has a reasonable price, and you don’t need to pump it before every game. It can spend some months without pumping, although it gets slick over time.

Overall, it is a good indoor basketball.

  • Affordable for newcomers
  • High-quality and good for indoor and outdoor play
  • Not for professionals



Spalding Precision Indoor Game Basketball

Spalding precision indoor game basketball

This ball by Spalding is another great invention, and it comes in 2 sizes. Size 7 is for men of age 15 and above. The other size is 6 for women age 12 and above or for boys age 12 to 14. Moreover, this ball is not for the professional or the beginners, though it is for the intermediate players. Plus, it has an excellent grip and deep channels for the handgrip.

This ball is a bit different from other Spalding basketballs. Besides that, it has a light color that stands out in the crowd. Moreover, it has a soft feel, realistic, game-ready grip for the perfect shots.

Furthermore, this indoor basketball breaks in nicely. And has deep channels and tacky grip. This ball weighs lighter than other seven size balls due to its deep channels.

Other than that, it has great air retention and good bounce with great shooting. We recommend this ball for anyone who is trying hard to hit that in-ground indoor basketball hoop. It is the best basketball for indoor play.

  • Unique design with good grip
  • Takes some time to break-in


Molten X-Series GG7X

Molten X-Series GG7X

Molten indoor basketball is the official supplier at the international FIBA games, and in the Olympic games. Moreover, this ball has a unique 12-panel design. Also, there are narrower and shallower channels. So if you are making contact around channels, this ball might just be perfect for you. Molten X-series GG7X has a cover design that helps with ball visibility.

Furthermore, molten helps players to stay in track of balls rotation. It is one of the most different out of all the basketballs in this list—another reason for its uniqueness it that it has pebbles symmetrically aligned. Molten is the best cheap indoor basketball.

However, GGG7X is a nice ball, but the texture of this ball is controversial. The ball becomes too sticky and spongy sometimes. Overall, it has a synthetic feel. We suggest this ball for everyone. It is the best basketball to use for an indoor basketball league.

  • FIBA approved and 2-year warranty
  • Premium leather material
  • Butyl bladder
  • Indoor use only
  • Becomes sticky sometimes


Baden Elite Indoor Basketball

Baden elite indoor basketball

Baden elite is a popular indoor basketball, and it has a premium composite leather offering. Due to its amazing leather material, this basketball is known best for its grip. Also, it has plenty of tacks. Moreover, it is very similar to Wilson’s evolution of indoor basketball according to the feel. Baden is the best indoor basketball for boys and girls.

Furthermore, it will give a good grip, even if your hands are sweaty. This ball has the recessed stealth soft valve system. These are the two most unique features of this basketball. It is the best indoor basketball to buy in 2020.  Besides that, it has a low-profile valve that gives a truer bounce and a good flight.

However, it has the same bracket as Wilson’s evolution. And for most people, it will be a small preference. Lastly, it has a tacky leather texture. Baden basketball is the best affordable indoor basketball.

  • Slightly smoother
  • Good flight
  • Good size
  • Tacky leather texture

The Rock Indoor Basketball

The indoor rock basketball

The NFHS approves indoor rock basketball, and it comes in unknown private brands. But if some ask why this basketball is called rock? You can answer that it is a basketball buff. It has a trademark name on it. Furthermore, rock distinguishes itself from the other bigger brands.

Like the famous Wilson ball, the rock has the pebbled seams channels to provide a more comfortable and consistent grip. Moreover, the grooved channels give an extra-grip, and the pebbles do their job the best.

Moreover, rock has a super tacky feel, and the bounce is spot-on. Unfortunately, this ball isn’t too bouncy. With time it will wear out and lose its grip. But it has superior durability, that’s why it is called rock.This basketball is best to buy in 2020.

The indoor rock basketball is by john stote, and it is pricy basketball made with ultimate composite leather basketball.

  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Full size 29.5
  • Ball for American games
  • No cons as such

Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball

Spalding nba official game basketball

How can our review complete without adding the Spalding NBA official game basketball? It is one of the competitors of Wilson, and it is an official NBA ball used in the gaming sessions. Moreover, this basketball is the only genuine leather basketball on our list. So if you are looking for a basketball with a natural feel, then this is the best option for you.

However, it has a good natural feel in hands, but the price of basketball isn’t low at all. Although it is of genuine leather, that’s why the price is high. And this is the only drawback of this indoor basketball. This basketball is best to buy 2020 and best men’s indoor basketball.

Besides that, this ball will never let you down and pay the price for your money. Honestly, this ball is not affordable for everyone and not the best choice for all people.

Furthermore, the NBA uses a Spalding bounce machine to break in before they play on the court. Lastly, shooting, dribbling, and bouncing of this ball is excellent. And every basketball player should try this ball for once at least.

  • This ball is pro minded for over three decades
  • Horween leather material
  • Natural grip
  • Official size, and NBA’s players choice
  • Very pricey

Buying Guide of Best Indoor Basketball

Before buying the best indoor basketball, consider these important features. We have to inform you about the material of indoor basketballs, and how they will value your money. The important elements are the following.


The bounce of the ball is the main thing, so if you want a ball that provides consistent and reliable bounce. Also, indoor basketball should have a smoother surface to have a better bounce. Moreover, the deeper grooves often help shooting, and it can become an obstacle when you are dribbling because they can make indoor basketball unreliable.


There are different materials for making balls. Outdoor basketballs are made of cheap rubber, because it is very durable, and provide a lot of grips. But indoor balls are made of composite leather. It is softer than the rubber. Plus, this material gives more grip and makes shooting and dribbling more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, composite leather balls are less durable, and they tend to be slippery, even sometimes out of the box. The ball becomes slippery when you have sweaty or wet hands.

On the other hand, genuine leather is for playing at indoor basketball courts. This material is more expensive, but pure leather is ideal for comfort while playing indoor. Plus, these balls need a substantial break-in period.


If you have sweaty hands, it can cause you to lose your grip on the basketball. Although, some basketballs have a moisture reducing coverage design to absorb the sweat as you play. Plus, the width of the channels and depth of grooves can make a difference when trying to palm the ball. Besides that, the grooves can give your fingertips better support to help you line up one swish after the other.

Ball Size

There are different sizes of balls. Usually, size 7 is the official size ball that is used by the men, and by the high-school boys. It is 29.5 inches. Women use the size six that is 28.5 inches around. Standard youth size basketball is 6, and it is 26.5 inches.

Ball Weight

The weight of the ball influences everything from shots to the dribbles. Look for the basketballs that are of official weight, and we have those in our list of top picks.


Good, and decent quality balls of composite leather are between 40 to 60 dollars. But genuine leather balls are considerably pricey more than 100 dollars.


Usually, new basketballs come inflated, but you should have a ball pump to get the recommended air pressure.


Which are the best indoor basketballs?

Some of the best indoor basketballs are Wilson Evolution, Molten GG7 Composite, Wilson NCAA Replica, Spalding TF-1000, and Spalding NBA Official Game Ball.

Which basketball is better, Spalding or Wilson for indoor and outdoor play?

Wilson basketballs are better than Spalding, and it has the official size 7. Wilson basketball is good for indoor and outdoor play. And the official NCAA ball is Wilson, but Spalding is an official NBA ball.

Are rubber basketballs better than leather?

Rubber balls are more durable than composite leather ones because they can wick away water. Plus, rubber is less susceptible to tears. Moreover, rubber balls lack the soft feel and grip that composite leather basketballs can achieve.

How many inches is a size 7 – full-size basketball?

The full-size basketballs are almost 30 inches, and it is the international size of seven men’s basketball size. Also, this size is best for colleges and high schools. Plus, size seven it is also used in middle school the 29.5-30 inches in circumference and weighs between 20-22 ounces.


Here in our review, we shortlisted the best indoor basketball, as there are a lot of good basketballs on the market.

So if you are a beginner, and looking for the best indoor basketball, then the Wilson NCCA replica will be the best option. But if you are a professional basketball player, then you should consider the Wilson evolution. It is an excellent quality ball at an affordable price. Also, it is one of the widely used indoor basketball in league games. With that, you will never lose out on Wilson’s basketball.

Lastly, if you have enough budget, and need the top-rated basketball, then the Spalding NBA is for you.

We hope that this info was useful, and you find the best indoor basketball. Thank you for visiting here – comments are welcome!


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