Best Outdoor Basketball Review and Buyer Guide 2021 – Top 7 Picks

Welcome to have a Best Outdoor Basketball Review 2020. Here we will review different basketball brands concerning material, grip, budget-friendly, size and weight for all ages and genders.

In many high-schools, there are basketball competitions for boys and girls. But everyone doesn’t know how to play a basketball game like a professional. So, people who are fond of basketball games must practice basketball with the Best Outdoor Basketball for making most of their team chances to win. And for that, you need to buy a good quality outdoor basketball and practice hard with that.

Moreover, there are some reasons for basketball being the Best Outdoor Basketball. If you have no idea that you don’t need to worry, this article has brought all the specifications for the Best Outdoor Basketball. Just, go through it once to make your investment worth it. The material of basketball affects your performance the most; we have brought composite Leather and rubbery basketballs which are the best for outdoor courts.

We have done all the possible research to put this list together of the top 7 Best Outdoor Basketball reviews; it will be easier for you to pick the Best Outdoor Basketball according to your budget and choice.

Our 7 Best Outdoor Basketball Picks

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Official Basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Molten X-Series Outdoor And Indoor Basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Spalding NBA Street Basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Mikasa Bx1000 Premium Rubber Basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐
Spalding NBA Replica Game Ball⭐⭐⭐⭐

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Official Basketball

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Official Basketball

This NBA street phantom basketball is an all-black ball and has neon colored lettering design. It is best for the outdoor surface like concrete and asphalt surfaces. Moreover, it is made with soft grip technology, for better ball handling and makes your palms hold it comfortably. Also, it gives a firm grip even when your hands are wet or sweaty, plus, in the rain too.

The cover of a street phantom is made up of soft feel, and it has dense pebbles for providing an excellent grip to the outdoor basketball player while dribbling it. However, it has a broader channel design for enhancing ball control. Plus, it has a steady rotation.

Phantom is inflated, which means you can go shoot the hoops as soon as you get a phantom in your hands. Moreover, compared to other balls, this has a satisfactory bounce. But it is pumped in a higher pressure than a usual bounce experience.

This street phantom is having the top-quality with durable rubber cover. Moreover, it can handle weeks of outdoor basketball drills and games. Plus, the cover of street phantom basketball is rough and tough for outdoor surface, made with ultra-resistance. Hence, it beats cheap rubber basketballs.

The size of this outdoor basketball is the official NBA size and weight. Besides, it comes in black color. But you can custom color the lettering on it. However, it is rated 4.3 stars by the average users.

Lastly, this basketball is solely a streetball which is why this the Best Outdoor Basketball. But it is an expensive outdoor basketball. Besides, it will never let you down because it’s worth the price.


  • Durable with premium soft outdoor grip
  • Made with improved design for recognition
  •   Its size and weight is official of NBA
  • • Durable, rubber cover
  • • A soft grip that enhances the functionality
  • • One-year warranty
  • • Comes in 5 different custom colour combinations
  • • The unique black colour makes it difficult to find at night
  • • Inconsistent bounce

Molten X-series Basketball

This Molten Indoor and outdoor basketball come in a 12-panel Giugiaro design for practical and other aesthetic purposes. Moreover, the design of this basketball enhances visibility, which makes sure that the players track their backspin easily. However, this makes the basketball clear and visible to both team players and the spectators.

Point to note, that pebbling on this ball is not random as other outdoor basketballs. Its pebbling is different and has strategically aligned pebbles to give a consistent touch, no matter where the player is holding it. Moreover, molten basketballs usually have a spongy and rubbery feel. But this Molten BGGX is not as soft as the others.

Plus, it provides an excellent and robust grip for dribbling and shooting. But if you made the ball wet, it will slip on the release and make the consistency difficult for the shots.

Unfortunately, this Molten outdoor basketball does not perform well when it is dusty and dirty. Even the bounces become inconsistent. But on smooth surfaces, it gives a consistent bounce.

Overall, this outdoor basketball has a butyl bladder that helps it retain air for a long-time. This basketball can be used in any environment. Plus, it has a softer feel compared to the other indoor and outdoor basketballs. But it is better for indoor use because it will wear down on rough and street surfaces.

Lastly, this molten X-series basketball comes in 3 sizes such as junior size 5, inter size six and the official size 7.


  • This series is NBA approved
  • Made of synthetic cover for outdoor and indoor use
  • A 1-year warranty
  • 12-panel design
  • 1- Year Warranty
  • • Molten X-series is FIBA approved
  • • A one-year warranty
  • • Improved visibility in dark places too
  • • Available in three sizes – junior, intern and official
  • • Molten X-series is not game-ready
  • • Slippery in wet surfaces
  • • Worn out in outdoor surfaces

Spalding NBA Street Basketball

If you want to be a professional basketball player but you have no idea how to start your practice and which basketball would be the best for you then this is the best basketball for beginners. Spalding has made the best basketball for starters. And it is one of the best-selling basketball due to its affordable price.

Moreover, the size of Spalding basketball is 29.5″ which is its official size. Plus, the features of Spalding include a superior grip in all weather and the environment. But when it gets dirty or dusty, it slightly loses its grip.

However, this outdoor basketball has deep black channels on the surface for expert ball handling and better control on the court. Plus, it has rubber for a soft feel. Besides that, this basketball does not have a hard surface and rough feel like other outdoor basketballs. For noticing that just hold the basketball once, you will quickly notice the difference in feel and grip.

Furthermore, this basketball has an inconsistent bounce. Usually, this is the most common complaint about outdoor basketballs, but you will not complain about its consistency because this basketball is consistent on a variety of surfaces.

Additionally, it is a very affordable outdoor basketball. Moreover, it is well-balanced and has a steady path with perfect shot rotation. But it does not have the same high performance as other outdoor basketballs. However, it gives a shoot with confidence. The material of this basketball is strong and made with durable rubber.

Beyond that, it has high-durability even on asphalt and concrete outdoor courts. Specifically, this ball is made for the harsh outdoor environment such as in wet weather conditions to sharp stones and on outdoor metal net courts. It does not need to be repumping it after every use, with that it will never deflate when left outdoors for days. Lastly, this Spalding NBA street basketball is available in 2 different sizes such as a youth size five and intermediate size 6.


  • Extra-durable
  • Rubber cover for better performance
  • Excellent grip due to full channel design
  • Rough and tumble street design
  • Street basketball is the most affordable basketball
  • Extra-durable made with rubber cover
  • Has good bounces in outdoor surfaces
  • Has Official NBA size and weight
  • The grip is not consistent, and the overall feel is not sufficient
  • Many users complain consistency

Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball

Many people are not familiar with this brand of basketball, but it has good apparel and equipment which are as good as those of other manufacturers of outdoor basketballs. For instance, this brand “Mikasa BX1000”, has good-quality material with a durable rubber cover that makes it tough-resistant and Mikasacan survive with rough and tough outdoor surfaces for several years.

Moreover, like other basketballs that get cracks and dents in the first week or two after use, it will never crack up, as an advantage of this basketball. However, the pattern of this basketball is of deep pebble pattern for giving an excellent grip to the player in handling and controlling the ball.

Next, if we look at the gripping, this remains firm even when your hands are wet or sweating, even if you are playing in the rain, it will give a firm grip. Plus, when basketball is dirty, the player will not lose the grip. As many basketballs lose their grip when they are dusty or dirty, this basketball does not. And it is rare to find this characteristic in any basketball.

Moreover, the channels on this ball are not the deepest but made for the strong grip when pebbling. Therefore, you are not going to get the most of the rotation from the pebbled surface. Generally, this gives a steady rotation, and it is slightly lighter than most of the other outdoor basketballs in its competition.

Besides, Mikasa has a consistent bounce, and you will note that the size of a basketball is dependent on its inflation, so when you achieve what you feel that’s the right bounce. But you may need to pump some air in the basketball for reaching the right circumference, and this can be done for decreasing the risk of damaging the basketball.

Besides, Mikasa comes in different sizes such as the official basketball size 7, elementary size 4, youth size five and compact size 6. Mikasa has made several sizes for all ages and gender for reaching all the needs and requirements. This outdoor basketball is best for kids that are familiarizing themselves with basketball and outdoor gaming skills such as passing the ball or dribbling it.

Lastly, this basketball is not only good but also consistent, which helps kids to quickly learn the skills of playing basketball. As far as, its price is concerned, it is affordable and best suited for use in schools, youth programs, and recreational places and even at home. But it is not for the experts; they should buy a high-performance ball for enhancing their performance.


  • The high quality rubber material
  • Consistent and long wear due to nylon winding
  • Ultra-durable
  • Available for all ages in four different sizes
  • For money – affordable
  • A one-year warranty
  • This ball does not come fully inflated
  • Cracks often and break-in is necessary

Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball

It is another basketball from Spalding. And it is making varieties of different basketballs considering all the weather and for all the outdoor conditions. Plus, for all ages, genders, and surfaces.

Moreover, these balls come at a low and affordable price. Plus, Spalding never compromises on its quality, and they have made the best ball with a durable rubber cover. However, you will love the consistency of this basketball because it stays in the hands with a firm grip. So if you are buying this, you may thank its round pebbling shape.

In addition to its rubbery balls, this quickly gets tear after playing to the rough and tough surfaces. Plus, its rubbery cover is ultra-durable to make it stand against the rough surface of the outdoor courts.

Unfortunately, this a softball that does not last for a long time. But this brand is doing a fantastic job for making a ball that is soft and with a strong grip. It ensures the durability of the basketball too.

Lastly, the deep channels of this basketball provide a well-balanced control and help the player to rotate during the release properly and easily. Moreover, it is stable enough when it’s on the flight path. But it is worth its price, and you will be satisfied to see how greatly it bounces in the outdoor surface due to its strong consistency, which is hard to find in any basketball.


  • Made with rubber for better durability
  • Resistant for rough outdoor use
  • Great grip
  • Made in official size 7 of NBA
  • Outclass outdoor performance surface due to its rubber cover
  • Shipped inflated and it is game ready
  • Made for outdoor gaming places
  • Wear and tear after playing on rough surfaces

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

It is one of the best and most famous brands for basketball; every person who loves sports knows about this brand. Rarely there will be any person who doesn’t know about Wilson.

Moreover, Wilson basketball is one of the top-rated and bestsellers because they got a composite leather cover and a soft feel in the hands of the player. A basketball purchaser avoids buying a softball or outdoor rough and tough surfaces. But this ball is soft and best for the outdoor surfaces.

However, this basketball stands well on the outdoor surfaces due to its dense pebble pattern make this ball stick to your hands firmly and stiffly. When the player is passing this basketball, plus, this basketball is for indoor and outdoor courts.

Additionally, this company, Wilson, manufactured the cushion core technology in this basketball for easy catching and soft bouncing with a better shot percentage. Moreover, this product is reasonable and reliable on the court, whether outdoor or indoor.

Lastly, it has a natural feel for easy handling and a good grip, and it will not make any issue when dribbling. Plus, it has an accurate spinning control that makes it easier to hold, even in smaller hands.


  • It is a replica game ball
  • Better grip-ability and absorbs moisture
  • Softer feel cushion cover for indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable and leather cover composition
  • The deep, dense pattern for better handling
  • Cushion foam technology for softer bounces
  • Much better for indoor surfaces

Spalding NBA Replica Game Ball

Spalding made a replica basketball at an affordable price. Also, the replica ball is quite similar to the original one, and it is made with great care of premium composite leather and has large pebbling to give a slick look and glossy look.

Moreover, it is made better for outdoor courts than indoor. Though, this is a replica ball. But it is very softer than the original one and gives a softer delivery than Spalding street basketball. No one will expect it to perform like the original basketball of Spalding; surprisingly, it gives better performance compared to other ordinary basketballs in courts.

However, this replica ball stands pretty well when it comes to bouncing and catching outdoors. Sometimes, it struggles to deliver good performance indoors due to less elasticity.

For instance, you can try to adjust the bounce by inflating. Or when it comes to ball balancing, you can pass the ball off easily, or you will be able to dribble.

This basketball of soft composite Leather doesn’t have any issue indoors, but outdoors its durability becomes less, but it gives smooth coverage in outdoor usage too. Overall, the grip stands well.

Lastly, you can decrease the chances of its damage by cleaning it after any outdoor game and make sure that to keep it in the dark and dry place.


  • Made in official size and weight of NBA
  • Composite cover for better performance
  • This ball is designed for indoor and outdoor gameplay
  • Made with premium composite leather cover
  • Balanced well in both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Durable enough for indoor play
  • Not durable in outdoors

Buying Guide

You’ll be wondering how to find the Best Outdoor Basketball? When are picking a basketball there are certain factors that you need to keep in your mind. Otherwise, your investment will go in vain. In this buyers’ guide, you will know about all the factors for buying the Best Outdoor Basketball.


Material is the most important thing if you want to perform well in court. The material of basketball matters a lot. And if the material is made up of cheap things then the basketball will not last long but if it’s made with good material than it will perform great

Outdoor basketballs are usually made up of composite Leather and are more durable and long-lasting. Moreover, this Leather has a positive impact on the grip of the player. But this material is little too hard for someone who just started playing basketball.

Another material of basketball is the rubbery one. These costs less but gives a superior grip over the leather ones. Moreover, they are ideal for outdoor surfaces.

The Right and Soft Feel

The feeling is essential in everything and so does in basketball. Because it allows you to break the ankles of the opponent team as you cross over. Moreover, it will give you a soft touch, which gives the three-point line. The quality of basketball should be soft like an indoor basketball that works perfectly on the outdoor surface too. An outdoor basketball should give a synthetic cover that can hold the elements accurately.

However, traditional outdoor basketballs have rubber to complete grippy dimples. To avoid slipping away from the hands and it is only possible if the dimples are present in the ball.


The basketball whose price is low; they tend to delate when the temperate lower. And nothing could be worse than a ball who dribbles or gets stripped. When this happens, the ball doesn’t bounce accurately and loses its worth.

However, many outdoor basketballs slightly deflate when the temperature gets colder. But a basketball who is made of good outdoor material will deflate very little. But deflation is the most significant disadvantage, a massive deal while buying an outdoor basketball.

Moreover, you need to be sure that you have a ball pump at home as will need this pump because they do deflate on sweltering summer days.


We know that outdoor surfaces are rougher than indoors and less forgiving than indoor places because outdoor surfaces have dirt, rocks, moisture, metal nets, a hard floor that can take a toll on the ball.

And it’s not possible to go to stores every two weeks to buy a new basketball. Also, nobody wants to buy a ball that breaks in easily. We all want something that lasts long.

Moisture Grip

Any day rain can make your ball wet, and you are so passionate about playing basketball that you want to play on rainy days too, where you need a ball that has a moisture grip and doesn’t slip away from your hand, even when your hands are wet or sweaty. When you’ll have a ball with moisture grip only than you will be able to handle it in when it’s wet.

Moreover, this is important to know that if your ball stands up to the moisture test or remains slippery? How does the ball handle’ the moisture itself? So, you need a basketball that can stand up in all-weather, and without a break-in, you can play in all environments.


When someone is playing with a basketball, and once it bounces on the court whether indoor or outdoor, it wears just a little bit, not too much. And dirt on the indoor or outdoor court can act as sandpaper that slowly whit’s away at the basketball. Wondering, why are we discussing the dirt? Because it has a huge impact on the weight of basketball over time.

Moreover, the balls which are cheap outdoor basketballs wears away more often than some expensive outdoor basketballs. And everyone needs a ball to retain its weight for excellent shooting. And a lighter ball will mess up your dribbling skills.

Skill Level

So when you are playing with a basketball on an outdoor surface, you will have to make some compromises. Like, if you want to become a professional basketball player, you want a basketball that is made of composite Leather such as Wilson basketball that feels great and excellent to play in outdoor surfaces. But the basketball which is made up of composite Leather they don’t last for a much longer time on rough surfaces, and you will need to repurchase them from time to time.

But if you are buying basketball for your children, just check its durability, because here composite Leather will not be an important factor. Durability will matter, and that basketball should survive in thorny rose bushes too. You may buy Spalding NBA street outdoor basketball as this makes more sense!


Normal basketballs are bigger and heavier, and they will not work for smaller kids. So, there are many sizes of basketballs made by different brands. You need to pick the right size. Generally, for kids, there is a size five and the official size used by the high-school boys is size 7. Make sure the size, while buying a basketball

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best basketball for outdoor use?

The Best Outdoor Basketball for outdoor use is Spalding NBA Outdoor Basketball, Wilson NCAA Replica Outdoor Basketball, and Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Outdoor Basketball. These will never let you down in your performance.

Is composite Leather good for outdoors or not?

Composite Leather is good for outdoor and indoor, but they are also perfectly suited for outdoor conditions. They will withstand in every environment as it is made for the wear and tear of outdoor courts. Moreover, you will be able to retain its handling and control, consistency, bouncing, and your shooting percentage will not be affected over a long period.

What is a size seven basketball?

A Size 7 (29.5″) is the official size of all adult basketballs that is suitable for males aged 13 years and over. And the NBA Official Game basketball is a size seven basketball, and it meets all the specs like, size and weight that are set by the NBA with a circumference of 29.5″. and it is ideally considered the official size by all basketball companies.

What basketball ball is the best?

If we see in the broad sense, some of these Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball is good.  If we see according to the best budget, it is Wilson NCAA Killer Crossover Basketball. The best Indoor is the Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball. Lastly, the Best Outdoor Basketball is Franklin Sports Grip-Rite.

Is women’s basketball smaller than men’s basketball?

Technically speaking here, the major difference between the men’s and women’s basketball games is its size and speed because women’s balls are slightly smaller than the men’s basketball. Because men get a 35-second shot clock and women get a 30-second shot clock.

What size basketball do high school users and college users?

The official size is 29.5 inches in circumference. Mostly this is the ball that is used in all high school, college, in professional men’s games and youth programs. Moreover, the intermediate size is 28.5 inches around that is used in women’s high school, college and professional basketball players use this ball size.


According to our choice, the Best Outdoor Basketball is Spalding NBA Zi/O indoor and outdoor basketball. And the runner up is Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball. But unlike Wilson NCCA Replica, the Spalding takes very little time to break-in. Moreover, it has deeps seams for handling and has soft and excellent feel fingers for shooting.

However, if you want to save money and buy a budget-friendly outdoor basketball, without a doubt, you can go for the rubber version of Spalding. Spalding NBA street basketball has the same specifications, and it is affordable. Hence, it made out of rubber instead of outdoor/indoor synthetic Leather.

We hope that you’ll find the Best Outdoor Basketball in this review for 2020. Thank you for visiting. Comment down below your favorite outdoor basketball!

Choose the best and win your dreams!


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